"What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form." David Ogilvy

The reason clients come back to MHP time and time again isn’t because we make radio commercials that sound great (which we do); it’s because we make radio commercials that connect, and campaigns that sell.

MHP provides radio creative and production services for companies, media and advertising agencies. Our services include effective radio copywriting, voiceover casting and direction, sound design, radio commercial production and distribution.

Great radio creative starts with great copywriting, and MHP has on its team wordsmiths with highly active creative brains (some of them bordering on crazy!).

If you already have the words and wish to bring your production to life, we are happy to quote for producing supplied copy.

Music is an important part of the radio advertising mix, and MHP is delighted to work with some of the most talented names in the music business to create dazzling customized music branding, sonic brand triggers and song parodies. And if you want to license a popular song for a radio or TV commercial, we are adept at music clearance too.

Did we say TV? Well yes. MHP loves radio, but we are equally at home producing soundtracks for TV commercials and videos.

And if you’re a business, we can help you achieve the best results from your radio advertising, working with our strategic partners to supply market research, media planning and buying.

Why Use Radio?

Click HERE for a free and simple to follow 7 step guide to why you should be using radio advertising.